How to Buy GameCube Games – 3 Best GameCube Games to Purchase

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If you are trying to buy GameCube games then you should read what I have to say. Since its creation in 2001, hundreds and hundreds of games were released for the GameCube. The incredible number of games can make it difficult to choose what to buy. In my opinion you should own the three games I’ve picked out.

3. Mario Kart Double Dash – Better than the original Mario Kart. Better graphics – and you control two racers instead of one. Each of your favorite characters has unique weapons that they can pick up. So, pick your riders carefully. Very good game play when you are สล็อต playing alone. Comes with a variety of tracks, but also great in multi-player mode. You can race against up to four players. You’ll be entertained for hours with your friends and family.

2. Metroid Prime – A wonderful 3D game that brings the Metroid Universe to life. Involving puzzles, creative weapons and realistic game play makes this fun. One of my most loved nintendo game cube games and one of the highest ranked games on the game review sites. If you liked the original Metroid games then you will also love this one.

1. Super Smash Bros. Melee – A wonderful fighting game for the GameCube that is easy to play. It only uses two buttons and the joystick for each move. Really, everyone can pick up this game quickly, but more advanced users will learn hidden combos. Single player and four player modes offer many levels of enjoyment that really shows off the GameCube capabilities. No wonder it is the best selling game on the GameCube!

With any or all of these three games in your collection, you should have many hours of super fun and definitely enjoy your GameCube purchase.